Achieve business growth by increasing value to your customers

//Achieve business growth by increasing value to your customers

Achieve business growth by increasing value to your customers


“Have you ever wondered why some businesses fly and others fail? The answer isn’t better marketing or sales, but in understanding value and delivering more of it to your customers. Learn how identifying, creating and providing increased value in your business will improve your bottom line”.


Value by Design Presentation

Aimed at sharing insight to stimulate action, this presentation focuses on challenging the value you provide to your customers and shares how to increase it through Lean Improvement and Product Design. Des Kennedy, from infinite design and Gavin Jones, from New Potential use their combined 40 years of experience in learning, applying and coaching those methods, to form the basis of the presentation.

Following this interactive session, you will be armed with sufficient insight to challenge the impact your current focus has on the value you offer to your clients, and most importantly how it can be increased.

To serve as a reminder when back in the workplace a wallet of 10 credit card size memory jogger cards are provided to each attendee, free of charge, summarising the key messages and models from the session.


Content of the presentation

Part 1 Continuous Improvement – A Driver for Success

The session opens by inviting the audience to reflect on the single factor that will offer a business success – their value proposition to customers. Introducing how market environment and buyer power has changed the emphasis of keeping your value offering up to date and competitive.

“What do you think value is” invites audience input, before introducing the idea that value may not be monetary or the same for each customer. Explaining how leading companies define and manage their value proposition, reinforces a key message about the importance of knowing the value you offer.

Presenting the concept of Value Added and Non-Value Added activities provokes reflection on who bears the cost of the waste in processes and to what scale it occurs. How the pricing model has changed reinforces this reality and connects the cost of waste to the impact on profit and competitive advantage.

Introducing the Lean ‘8 Wastes’ defines how to identify waste reduction and cost saving opportunities regardless of industry, product or service bias. Examples bring this to life and if time permits, a 12min demonstration illustrates these points real-time with an audience member.

To conclude the continuous improvement section, an alternative way to view processes is explained to help leaders coach the right questions when experiencing process issues. Part one concludes by bringing together the key points into a 4-step approach of how to increase value and reduce waste. A take away 2-minute process health check is also provided.

Part 2 Creating Value by Design

Part 2 begins by challenging the more traditional perception of what “product design” typically evokes. How well an organisation can develop customer value by linking a need, to a business strategy and delivering it in a timely manner, is what good product and service design is about. How the pace and effectiveness of achieving this can be increased is the subject of this first section by explaining an iterative lean-approach to navigate the design process.

This knowledge will be particularly useful to those developing a product or service, to reduce delays and gain market position, with a product that exactly satisfies customer needs. How to apply this robust and proven approach to systems, procedures, products, etc. is explored from the idea creation stages, to distillation into an end solution. Examples are used to show the principles in action.

The conclusion to Part 2 is an introduction to a 4-step approach to creating value by design which features on the free resource cards provided to those who attend.


If you would like to book this 1-hour presentation for your association or organisation, then please send an email or call.


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