Major Equipment – Grass Cutting & Slurry Machinery Specialists.

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Major Equipment – Grass Cutting & Slurry Machinery Specialists.

Major Equipment International Ltd is a family owned business who have designed and manufactured rotary grass cutting equipment and industrial/agricultural slurry handling machinery for nearly 40 years. Exporting throughout the world with branches in UK and the Netherlands, typical applications include; agriculture and sports/recreation.

The Business Challenge

Having experienced steady growth in recent years, Major defined a path to transition from a tradition manufacturing model to a continuous improvement, lean-based operation. The need to increase capacity, improve agility around seasonal demand, streamline production flow and develop and introduce new product rapidly; all in a more controlled environment, were the main business needs.

How We Helped

– Generated a strategic focus and a fresh attitude to ‘challenging the norm’ and making data driven decisions
– Transferred ‘Lean’ skills to stabilise production flow, reduce cycle times and control NPI
– Implemented forecast and scheduling processes to improve alignment across functions
– Created communication strategy to engage employees in the improvement vision

The Results

Delivery to internal production schedule improved to 95%, batch size reduced by 50%
Value Stream Mapping generated copious ideas and engaged all employees
Sales, production, purchasing and dispatch are all now working to single source data to ensure on-time delivery – improved alignment and visibility
Staff feedback: ‘There is a positive vibe and behaviours are changing’
Freed Quality Managers time to be trained in improvement methods (Green Belt)

The Customers View

“At the time MAJOR needed higher quality, lower cycle times and a more stable work environment in the production facility. Gavin’s ability to engage from shop floor to senior management was second to none, helping to improve teamwork amongst our management with clear strategy and goals. It made a sustainable step-change in our continuous improvement journey, supported with skills we can use again and again”.

Eoin Murphy, UK General Manager