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Kelly Jones
Kelly JonesInterim Executive
Kelly is an IFT (Institute for Turnaround) accredited professional, with experience as a CEO and turnaround specialist, having worked in engineering and manufacturing operations for more than 20 years. Proven in both blue chip PLC’s and privately owned businesses, she has lived and worked in the UK, USA and China. Her passion is bringing energy and pace to critical transformation projects when a fresh approach is needed.

Experience working across Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, and Marine sectors has provided Kelly breadth and a 3-dimensional blend of functional, industrial and cultural perspectives to spot hidden potential and quickly focus in on those things that really matter.

Engineering business address some of toughest challenges. By combining her unique blend of skills, Kelly can help companies achieve the performance they need when taking these challenges on.

Gavin Jones
Gavin JonesCEO
Gavin is an experienced Improvement consultant who has mastered the art of helping others to see how aligning process improvement to strategy, can identify the right breakthrough opportunities to their bottom line.

In his senior business and lean six-sigma roles, he has delivered projects and mentored employees at all levels from operations to boardroom, to make improvement a way of life and powerfully effectively. Living and working in Asia, USA and Europe, across sectors such as automotive, aerospace and professional services has fostered a practical approach to delivering return on investment to his clients.

He now enjoys bringing that experience to leading operational transformation with organisations who have the need and appetite to create a step change in performance.