Improving Customer Alignment and Eliminating Warranty Costs

/Improving Customer Alignment and Eliminating Warranty Costs
Improving Customer Alignment and Eliminating Warranty Costs 2018-09-19T17:33:53+00:00

Rolls-Royce Poland – Fabrication and Welding Plant

Rolls-Royce Poland is a vital supplier of large fabricated products for marine applications to customers of its parent company. Rudders, tunnel-thrusters and deck equipment are amongst the product range which are sold internationally, to a wide customer base and range of applications.

The Business Challenge

In this low cost manufacturing economy, production capacity, process control and quality management, were being stretched trying to satisfy customer orders. The challenge was to improve plant performance, whilst maintaining its low-cost market advantage. Resolving the source of warranty issues was key, but with a simple yet highly effective solution.

Being part of such an iconic brand, if the plant was to win investment and grow, it needed to quickly elevate itself to a new level of performance.

How We Helped

– Developed and led customer workshops to better align customer requirements and internal plant focus
– Created a step-change in process management methods at all levels so the right measures were being actively managed
– Elevated shop floor understanding of how to control key process features to reduce variation, rework and warranty claims
– Implemented visual control methods to drive process ownership to point of use

The Results

All warranty claims and penalties were eliminated over the subsequent six months, previously a weekly occurrence.
Management efforts focused on managing process performance rather than customer protection strategies
£40m investment was granted for future growth
Internal defects reduced by 85% due to operator self-checks and awareness