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“New Potential developed a solution that was bespoke to our needs, and transferred knowledge by applying the theory to our own processes, not through a simulated training game”.

Jonathan Lamb
CEO, BEL Engineering
British Engines

“A diagnostic ability to see what was required at a strategic level and convert/lead a plan to engage the project team in improvement was highly valued”.

Warren Gee
Quality Executive
Rolls-Royce plc.

"Gavin supported me as interim programme manager focusing on the delivery of a significant business transformation. He has provided us with a step change improvement, and a foundation to sustain benefits and performance into the long term."

Phil Simon
Operations Director
BAE Systems

“The insight and coaching was critical in developing knowledge within the senior leadership team and project leaders. The focus on governance and behaviours as well as methods provided a strong foundation that was sustainable after he left. Making it fun also helped to engage all the team in learning this new way of working”.

Stella Chu
Quality Manager
Rolls-Royce Shanghai Limited

"Gavin’s positive challenging spirit tends to bring a very open and relevant focus to any discussion which gets to the heart of a problem quickly, enabling an engaging business solution to be created, agreed and delivered. His attention to key detail whilst maintaining an holistic view is what delivers the right solution, fast!”

Pam Robertshaw
Programme Executive Trent1000, Civil Aerospace
Rolls-Royce plc.

"At the time MAJOR needed higher quality, lower cycle times and a more stable work environment in production. Gavin’s ability to engage shop floor and senior management was second to none in improving teamwork. It made a sustainable step-change in our improvement journey, supported with skills we can use again and again”

Eoin Murphy
UK General Manager
Major Equipment International Ltd

“Gavin led process flow mapping at a business sector level proving extremely valuable in aligning 4 engine projects to the sector level aerospace strategy. His challenging style and belief in developing people capability raised the important questions core to nurturing a solid foundation of improvement skills within the team."

Stuart Adam BSc MA CEng FIET
Director HS&E & Business Improvement Civil Large Engines
Rolls-Royce-Royce plc.

“Gavin is an outstanding strategy and Lean Sigma Leader able to consult, coach and provide direction. He is customer focused and aligns improvement to business ledger results, as well as ensuring learning is transferred in support of cultural advancement". His insight and support in Aerospace and Healthcare industries over the years is invaluable.”

James Horton
Lean Manufacturing Director GSC
GE Healthcare

“Gavin’s experience helped us all see priorities to achieve time critical tasks, whilst ensuring alignment to longer-term needs. He can convey this and work with the shop-floor with ease, which was a catalyst to moving things fast. His help in developing the right people to continue improvement when he left, was highly valued to sustain progress”.

Sam Jones
Managing Director GSC

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