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We provide;

  • Interim executive leadership for business turnaround and significant change programmes
  • Operational transformation to drive breakthrough improvements

Driving and delivering change programmes effectively, whilst managing day-to-day operations is critical to competitive business growth. Strategic planning and active leadership are foundations, but the ability to invoke the will of employees is what really delivers tangible results.

By working with the business team, New Potential ensures real change is sustained long after programme completion and external support exits your business.

New Potentials distinctive and diverse experience brings a refreshing new perspective to your challenges, through a fusion of best practices, creative thinking and pragmatism.

Interim Executive Leadership

  • Turnaround solutions in challenging times
  • Interim leadership providing C-suite skills
  • Change programme development and implementation to delivery business growth

A driven but sensitive approach is paramount when supporting organisations through change in challenging times and conditions. But importantly, the determination and courage needed to challenge conventional thinking should not be compromised.

Alignment of hearts and minds must be matched by robust process and focused goals to create turnaround performance.  New Potential instil order from chaos using their vast global experience and comprehension of cultural significance to engage at all levels.  Streamlining an organisation by balancing the need to drive cost control through a focus on value add is the result.

Operational Transformation Programme Leadership

  • Lean Six Sigma solutions to performance challenges
  • Delivery of improvement projects/programmes to drive fast, immediate benefit
  • Whole scale transformation, to create paradigm shift in how you work
  • Bespoke training in continuous improvement, problem solving and influencing skills to enable sustainable benefits for change
  • Strategic lean leadership to enable the organisation to focus improvement efforts effectively. Focuses on the new potential 3 essential building blocks.

New Potential’s approach is a fusion of the 3 essential building blocks of any successful learning and improvement enterprise;

  • Methods – the required organisational capabilities
  • Framework – structure to ensure internal governance and support is sustainable
  • Behaviours – to ensure the organisation and leadership mindset is tuned to create a climate for learning and success